I am a child of God

My name is Abby v. Rijen. It is a great honor and privilege to hear from the Almighty God, Who says: You are My child.  John1:12

Since about a week ago, while spending time in my ‘secret place’ I received a gentle nudging within my heart, to share a part of my journey with the Lord, especially with those who are broken or losing hope, as an encouragement of God’s Faithfulness and Mercy! 

Many years have passed with desert experiences, and pleadings to the Lord for a place where I could be myself amongst others walking on the same narrow path. An answer came through a dear friend of mine, who asked me around 3 weeks ago to join an online Sunday service in Omega Church. As an introvert it was a battle, but I was not disappointed! Praise God! 

The focus remained on the Word of God. I tasted the Presence of Holy Spirit alive and at work during this shutdown period, in His adopted sons and daughters especially through the service and during other Ministry evenings orginised by Omega Ministries!! My heart fills with such awe to see how Holy Spirit is at work in each person’s life amidst their struggles, pain and joy! Praise His Holy Name!

Having lost my mother at childbirth, orphaned and not expected to live (weighing 3 1/2 lbs.) at birth, God took me under His wing and nurtured me through the love and care of an amazing couple. Later, He blessed me with a loving family of my own. But the ‘deceiver’ continued his attacks against us in many ways, to destroy my blessings.... Through our imperfections God remained our Protector!! The Word of God is my foundation, my Bread of Life!

As the Lord speaks through His Word, Psalms 23, 91 and 139 are very special to me. His Words of healing, comfort and protection remain reminders of His Promises and Faithfulness. There is Encouragement, Correction, Love and Life in the Word, even as medicine and nourishment for my soul! We will keep on learning and changing until we meet God face to face!

I could neither see or experience the Lord’s Love and Blessings till the door of my heart was opened, to let Holy Spirit clear out what was not from God, only then did my eyes begin to see what He had done for me through Christ Jesus the Word made Flesh. Yes, I am His child and nothing can separate me from His Love!! 

The thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy. Jesus comes that we may have life, and have it abundantly. Jesus is the Good Shepherd, He sacrificed His Life for us. Jesus gives us eternal life and no one can snatch us out of His Hand nor the Father’s Hand!!

Take a leap in faith, Christ Jesus is waiting with open arms... come and taste His Goodness! Nothing  can separate us from the Love of God - Rom.8:38 NLT

I pray,

That all orphans in Armenia and worldwide will experience this Love and become citizens in God’s household!

That the Seeds, sown by the Sower will fall on fertile ground and bring forth a big harvest!

And all who read or watch our testimonies will be touched by God’s Love and drawn to Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior through Power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Abby v. Rijen

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