Heavenly Peace for you.

‘Peace I leave with you; My Peace ...’ John 14:27

By Abby van Rijen

There are times in life, when we come across family members, friends or even colleagues that make us feel so comfortable and joyful when they are around. We feel at ease with them. Then through unforeseen circumstances, they have to leave us and the pain we feel within our heart can be devastating. I am sure you know where this is going, as we all have had this experience at one time or another!

Yeshua knew, with only three intense years with His disciples how fearful  they would be when He left them to join the Father. The Kingdom had come with Yeshua and would dwell in them at a later time. There is so much comfort in John 14 as Yeshua explains all this with such Love and tenderness.

He is the Prince of Peace Isaiah 9:6. He is the ONLY reason we can truly live peacefully with God! 

When we develop a relationship with Jesus through His Word, we will never have to feel this type of devastation again! The Spirit of Holiness has been sent to teach, and remind us what our Lord had taught before He had gone to prepare a place for us! What took place to the disciples of Jesus over 2000 years ago still happens today. 

The Lord said ‘... do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid’ John 14:27. These words are spoken to us as well in the trials and challenges we face in this time and age. What an amazing Provider we have! Thank You Blessed Trinity, all Honor, all Glory and all Power be unto You!

Apparently the scriptures were handed down by the Apostles in the Aramaic original, the language spoken by our Lord Jesus Himself. The very same language that touches the hearts of so many today. Yes, Yeshua is true to His Word “ ... do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid”! All goes quiet in His Presence. His Peace is truly not of this world! 

Abba, Father You have prepared the way for Hakob and Anna. You called and they obeyed to make Your Love known to the people in Armenia, and other parts of the world! May Your Shalom rest upon them and their family!

Open our ears to hear and obey when You call to bring the Good News to all who hunger and thirst for Your Son! 

In the Name of the Almighty Yeshua! Amen. 🪔🕊

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