A Light for my path.

By Abby van Rijen

Your Word is a Lamp to guide my feet and a Light for my path. I have promised it once, and I will promise it again: I will obey your righteous regulations.

I have suffered much, O LORD; restore my life again as you promised.

Lord, accept my offering of praise, and teach me your regulations.

My life constantly hangs in the balance, but I will not stop obeying your instructions.

Psalm 119:105-109 A question, have any of you experienced going out for dinner without sufficient light to read the Menu, or candlelight to see and enjoy what you are eating? So is it with God’s Word, our spiritual eyes need to be opened to enjoy the feast God has, and is preparing for us!  There are people who go through life without an inkling on how to live it. Some, walk over others to further their careers. Some, misuse others to satisfy their egos or desires without a single thought of the damage caused. Why, one asks? Is it because the path is poorly lit? Or, may be the path is in darkness with no light to show the way? All is not lost! There is a solution, ready for one?  Our Heavenly Father provided us with His Word as a lamp to guide our feet, and a light so there would be no stumbling around in the darkness. Jesus is the Light of the world, He is the Word that we need to turn to. Imagine no extra energy costs, no burnt out bulbs or candles. This type of Lamp never dims even when all fades away. We need to allow God’s Word to richly dwell in our lives. Should we fall, we must get up, repent and continue our walk with Him! The Holy Spirit gives Council, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. All this is freely supplied for our needs, giving light on the path we should walk. Thus enabling us not to lose our way from the best plans that God has for us! Spending time with the Lord, through His Word with a sincere heart works wonders in a person’s life! It leaves one full of gratitude, amazement and anticipation! There are bonus points too, we get brothers and sisters who will be encouraging and uplifting when we get into a rut! How blessed we are, to have a Loving Father Who provided a solution to every problem through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son and the Holy Spirit. Yes, and we can have a full relationship with Him as it was meant to be in this lifetime! This may sound foolish for some, but we say ‘Thank You Abba, Father’! Everyone, has the choice to accept or reject what God has to offer, what will you choose? All Glory and Honor and Power be Yours forever and ever through all Eternity. Amen! 🪔 Abby v. Rijen

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